Cart-Cooling-System for personal carts


We have developed a misting system which provides a COOL DRY refreshing mist designed for golf carts. It uses the scientifically proven theories of evaporative cooling, and thermal dynamics to simply remove the heat out of the air leaving a cool refreshing temperature behind.

This Golf Cart Misting Systems install easily in any golf cart. Simply plug-in and use or custom install for concealed operation for those who use their carts for transportation around their communities.

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      • Air/Mist Control knob will allow control of the amount of mist and the speed of the fan.
      • COOLING for full 18 holes of golf with just one refill. (8 Hours per fill)
      • Battery Power – Quick connect panel connects to golf cart’s batteries.
      • Quiet operation – Its so silent it wont’ interfere with your golf game.
      • Powerful 252 cfm blower for max. air flow
      • Up to 25° drop in ambient temperature
      • System draws a maximum of 3.5 amps
      • Simple on/off switch
      • Compact Design – 14”L by 3”W by 5.5”H – 32oz water bottle
      • Patent Pending
      • One year system warranty